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Why Designer Handbags So Expensive and What to Do ?

Shoes might maketh a male, yet ask a fashion-conscious woman as well as she’ll inform you it’s all about the bag. From the Replica Designer Hermès Birkin bags as well as Fendi’s Baguette, to Chanel’s Fake 2.55 handbags, women often shell out well over five numbers for their prized arm sweet.

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Just just what makes designer replica handbags so pricey? The answer can be distilled to 2 words: Product and craftsmanship.

Take the Hermès Birkin, inarguably the peak of condition sign purses. Named after French actress and also singer Jane Birkin, the bags usually retail for in between US$ 8,000 (S$ 10,900) as well as US$ 150,000.

Their stratospheric prices are associateded with the fact that each bag is made completely manually by a single craftsman who trains for practically two years before they is permitted to develop a Birkin. It takes 18 to 24 Hr to generate one bag, which implies a restricted number can be made every year.

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Birkins are made variously with calf natural leathers, cowhide, and mountain goat skin, a few of which are refined as well as pressed for resilience. The oldest Hermès natural leather, called package Calf bone, features a trademark gloss that does not fade and also ages remarkably well. On the other hand, Hermès’ Evercalf natural leather is kept in mind for its remarkable gentleness as well as structure that seems to expand more extravagant with time.

The rates really escalate when the bags are made from Hermès’ famous crocodile skins. Remarkable skins, such as those from virtually white crocodiles, could take decades to reach maturation. Making a remarkable handbag, the skins have to be unblemished and also ethically sourced. However crocodiles fight, which suggests they obtain harmed as well as marked in the scuffle, so locating a beautiful skin is a challenge. Add to that the ruby studs and gold fastenings that embellish the bags and the numbers actually begin to add up.

Similarly, Chanel’s 2.55– called after the day it was first produced (February 1955)– is created in an 180-step process by artisans that have to clock 5 years in Replica Chanel‘s workshops prior to they can work with the famous bag. Traditionally made from the finest lambskin, the bags are also available in patent calfskin, python or alligator skin, as well as other products such as jersey as well as tweed. While the leathers provide the bag an unbelievably soft, flexible texture, the bags themselves are constructed and tested like containers to ensure they withstand time and use.


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A write-up on Popsugar discusses just how Mulberry replica purses was initially conceptualised as a design illustration, which is after that drawn out on a computer. A mock variation is made from paper to validate sizing prior to a manufacturing example is made. Every phase of the process is supposedly timed to recognize the amount of labour required before the production expenses are tallied. The bag’s design is after that fine-tuned by the design team prior to manufacturing starts. The British brand name’s most legendary bag, the Bayswater, usually retails from US$ 1,500.

More than just style declarations, many argue that the finest developer handbags make superb investments. In a January 2016 write-up in The Times, correspondent Hilary Rose wrote: “In the 35 years considering that it was created, the Birkin has actually risen by 500 per cent.”

Online marketplace carried out a research which disclosed that the Birkin exceeded the S&P 500 and the rate of gold in the last 35 years. Typically, the Birkin saw a year-on-year increase of 14.2 per cent between 1980 as well as 2015. In contrast, gold provided a genuine typical return of 1.9 percent.

One more study by Baghunter recommends that the value of Chanel purses has actually increased 70 percent considering that 2010.
This white Himalayan crocodile skin Birkin with 18-karat gold fastenings and band loopholes dirtied with 205 diamonds fetched a record HK$ 2.94 million (US$ 380,000) at a Christie’s Hong Kong public auction.

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hermes brikin replica handbags new arrival

If percent points indicate little to you, consider this: Just last Could, a 12-inch matte white Himalayan crocodile skin Hermes Birkin bags with 18-karat gold buckles and also strap loopholes encrusted with 205 diamonds fetched a document HK$ 2.94 million (US$ 380,000) at a Christie’s Hong Kong public auction. The cost soared well past the HK$ 1.5 million to HK$ 2 million (US$ 193,000 to US$ 258,000) presale price quote.

Probably it’s time to put your cash guaranteed, besides.Replica designer handbags seems to be a good choice for you poket.

Paris Designer Replica Handbags Reviews from Prada & Fendi

This article is long past due, yet better late compared to never, right? I’ve been getting some replica bags concerns lately (specifically on Goyard) that advised me to dig this from the drafts folder. The last time I saw Europe, I did a good amount of bag “study” and also wanted to share more photos as well as details on my faves! I reviewed some smaller, petite-sized bags previously and saved my preferred bigger totes and purses for this article. In case you missed it, here are the previous blog posts in this collection:

Component 1: Saving on designer products in Paris (including BARREL refund suggestions).
Part 2: Petite designer bag testimonials (Chanel, Celine) + Louboutin.

goyard bag shopping in paris.

Goyard Artois PM tote Replica Bags

Goyard can be rather polarizing (just have a look at the very, will we claim …” spirited” conversation on this post from my very early blogging days). I entirely obtain that not every person takes care of the pattern or intends to dish out $$$ for canvas bags. But the old woman in me enjoys the practicality of their totes, their hand-painted chevron pattern, as well as the brand name’s deeply-rooted history as a French trunk maker. Sentimentally, it’s also the very first (and also possibly only) brand of purse I’ve obtained as a present from my hubby. If you uncommitted for their preferred Saint Louis totes, there are two even more current choices that I enjoy as well as wanted to evaluate for you guys!

Both (fairly) more recent styles are variants on the Saint Louis, so I’ll begin with a little info on this initial carry. It comes in two sizes, PM as well as GM, as well as you can see all my outfits below styled with the smaller PM. This was really the original bag Nick stunned me with 6 years back, as well as I had numerous qualms concerning the design that I really traded it for an additional one (which is currently as well structured for my requirements, yet that’s an additional story)! I really did not such as how the Saint Louis was open without a zipper, how it has no form, and I questioned the sturdiness of the canvas and also deals with.

Years later on, I located myself inexplicably withdrawed to the bag I had returned. The lack of structure really makes it extremely comfortable to lug and aids it fold totally level for traveling. To fight the lack of a zipper, I generally use a large zippered pouch (like a laptop computer sleeve) to maintain loosened things had, along with the small detachable budget pouch that the bag has. After schlepping a lot of my stuff for job, traveling, tasks, you call it, the Saint Louis has verified itself as a really versatile as well as valuable bag (first impressions often can be altered!).

One of the most usual grievances with the Saint Louis are possibly about bottom edges breaking (you could get natural leather edge spots for about $250, if requirement be) as well as the absence of a zipper. Go into … the Artois bag. It’s essentially the exact same replica hanbags uk with those concerns addressed, as well as a somewhat much longer manage drop for higher convenience of use. Had actually the Artois been readily available when I purchased my very first Goyard, it would’ve spared me a great deal of migraine and also unneeded purchases/returns!

goyard artois shopping bag review st louis with zipper paris france buying.

Goyard Artois PM tote (with an uncommon selection of monogrammed on the floor version).

Unlike the Saint Louis, the Artois has a top zipper, enhanced leather bottom sides, and also complimentary monogramming at the time of purchase. This takes around 3-4 days and also would commonly cost $150 and also up on various other bags. The included structure from the leather bottom edges assists the Artois stand better by itself (but isn’t so organized that it really feels boxy), as well as makes the tote look more expert as a work bag. It has a buttoned pocket (pocket is lined with Goyard chevron) on the within, instead of the detachable pouch in the Saint Louis.

purchasing goyard st louis bags less expensive in paris france st honore shop.

A rainbow of Goyard Artois bags, kept track of by Mr. Michael Jackson Glove.

Goyard Anjou.

Longchamp Neo bags Replica

The Anjou is essentially the Saint Louis with a fun, reversible style that goes from strong leather on one side to their trademark paintinged canvas on the various other. When it appeared in 2014, I essentially watched this video clip ad and squealed, after that cursed it for likewise not being readily available when I bought my various other Goyards. The leather throughout offers the Anjou extra framework, nonetheless it doesn’t include too much weight, and also still feels soft and comfy when lugged and also is pretty quick to turn.

goyard anjou relatively easy to fix artois lug evaluation paris front runner store.

Goyard Anjou PM lug.

Example rates:.
Goyard rates is a lot more positive in its house nation of France, nevertheless this brand lover has regretfully never capitalized. They have 2 collections of prices for every thing: a base price for “timeless” shades including black/black and black/brown, as well as a 20-30% higher rate for “unique” colors (all the other shades) for pretty much no reason aside from to perturb consumers who like colors.

Note these instance costs below are subject to change. Factors like brand name cost increases, changing currency exchange rate, personalizeds taxes at the airport, and also various VAT reimbursement prices will certainly impact your complete rate. Please see my article here for even more information on BARREL reimbursements! Listed below estimations make use of an example exchange rate of 1.15 USD each EUR, presuming a 12% VAT reimbursement.

Goyard Saint Louis PM.
Classic Colors (add ~ 23% for Unique Colors).
820 EUR * 1.15 conversion * (1– 0.12) BARREL = $830 in Europe vs. $1200 in the US.

Goyard Artois PM (zippered w/ leather edges).
Traditional Shades (add ~ 23% for Special Colors).
1090 EUR * 1.15 conversion * (1– 0.12) VAT = $1103 in Europe vs. $1635 in the US.

Goyard Anjou PM (relatively easy to fix leather).
Timeless Colors (include ~ 23% for Unique Colors).
1650 EUR * 1.15 conversion * (1– 0.12) BARREL = $1670 in Europe vs. $2160 in the US.

Goyard Anjou PM in navy and also grey.

On the topic of lightweight and sensible totes, let’s hop on over to Longchamp. This brand is ubiquitous on the arms of students and also functioning women alike, as well as permanently reason. Their bags are workhorses for firmly carrying around lots of things, as well as are flexible as well as suitable for a vast rage of ages! When traveling, I also like utilizing my Longchamp as a guard bag to carry-on even more delicate developer bags.

Longchamp Neo bags collection (I have the biggest size in black).

I have among their regular Le Pliage nylon carries along with an extra organized, substantial-feeling version (now called their “Neo” collection), and also both my mom as well as MIL have Neo bags for daily use. Since it’s a French brand name … you thought it, prices is far more desirable in Europe (as well as it also makes a wonderful gift or souvenir).

Longchamp Replica Neo Huge Tote.
115 EUR * 1.15 conversion * (1– 0.12) BARREL = 116$ in Europe vs. $190 in the US.

* Sale sharp ~ For those people not going to Paris anytime soon, Bloomingdales is having a respectable sale right now on a number of Longchamp styles and colors!

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prada saffiano cuir small large contrast evaluation paris shopping.

Prada Saffiano Cuir lug, little (left) vs. tool (right).

If you’re trying to find an elegant, traditional larger handbag that’s relatively low-maintenance, the Prada Saffiano Cuir is without a doubt one of my favorites. I did a video clip review a while back, yet commonly get questions on sizing. And it’s it’s not surprising that … due to the fact that the small and average Cuir bags look SO similar to me, even when I’m holding them side-by-side. When I acquired mine, the determining factor was that the tool is simply huge sufficient to fit my old Macbook air, which is crucial in making it an extra versatile bag for both meetings and traveling. I think the Cuir likewise can be found in a 3rd, larger size, which I haven’t tried out.

Prada Saffiano Cuir tote Replica

Prada Replica Saffiano Cuir Dual Bag, Tool (store previously owned choices).
2100 EUR * 1.15 conversion * (1– 0.12) BARREL = $2125 in Europe vs. $2780 in the United States.

prada saffiano cuir tote bag tiny medium contrast testimonial paris costs.

fendi selleria bag evaluation in paris.

The Fendi Selleria Peekaboo bag is one I’ve been eying for quite time, yet haven’t mentioned on the blog site. It’s right up my street in regards to structured natural leather handbags with convertible bands. I like that it has just a bit of slouch, and I additionally like this shapes and size versus my frame. The pebbled natural leather is lovely as well as thick, however because of this does add some weight to the bag.

Replica Fendi Selleria Peekaboo handbagsFendi replica Selleria Peekaboo bag (store preowned options).

3600 EUR * 1.15 conversion * (1– 0.12) VAT = $3643 in Europe vs. $4850 in the US (nuts !!).

fendi selleria peekaboo tote testimonial paris shopping.

I need to confess, I was probably only drawn to this bag to begin with provided its resemblance to the classic Hermes Kelly. The price is quite steep (because Selleria is Fendi’s premium, handmade line), so as I slid further along this domino effect, I maintained asking myself “oh, why not simply opt for the original?”.

Which causes to my last message in this collection. Inspect back soon for my Hermes replica handbags hunting adventure at their flagship store!

Classic Luxury Replica Handbags For Women

Women love classic handbags, especially luxury replica handbags, Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and so on. Today, we recommend some classic replica handbags for women.

1. Chanel Classic Jumbo Double Flap Replica Bag

Chartreuse quilted lambskin Chanel Classic Small Double Flap Bag with gold-tone hardware, sliding shoulder strap with chain-link and leather accents, single slit pocket at exterior, single pocket at flap with zip closure, tonal leather interior, dual interior compartments; one with flap and snap closure, three slit pockets at interior wall and flap CC turn-lock closure at front flap. Serial number reads 4036154. Includes authenticity card. Shop authentic designer replica handbags by Chanel at The RealReal.

Cobalt quilted lambskin leather Chanel Classic Jumbo Double Flap bag with gold-tone hardware, dual chain-link and leather shoulder straps, single exterior slit pocket at back, tonal leather lining, single zip pocket at flap underside, dual interior compartments, dual slit pockets at interior wall, snap closure at interior flap and CC turn-lock closure at front flap. Serial number reads 21754687. Includes box, dust bag and authenticity card. Shop authentic designer replica handbags by Chanel at The RealReal.

2. Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Speedy 30 Replica Handbag

Speak to Louis Vuitton, which series are impressed with you, Monogram, Damier, Hobo or Vernis? I recommend Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy 30 replica bags

Brown and tan Damier Ebene coated canvas Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 with brass hardware, chocolate leather trim, dual rolled top handles, red canvas lining, single slit pocket at interior wall and zip closure at top. Date code reads SD1077. Includes lock and dust replica bag. Shop Louis Vuitton new and pre-owned handbags at The RealReal.

3. Gucci Soho Disco Crossbody Replica Bag

Black leather Gucci Soho Disco crossbody bag with gold-tone hardware, adjustable flat shoulder strap, interlocking GG adornment at front, creme woven lining, dual slip pockets at interior wall and tassel embellished zip closure at top. Shop authentic designer handbags by Gucci at The RealReal.

4. Céline Medium Luggage Tote Replica Bag

From the 2014 Collection by Phoebe Philo. Cobalt smooth calfskin leather Céline Medium Luggage tote with antiqued brass hardware, dual rolled top handles, single zip pocket at front exterior, embossed logo accent at front face, tonal grained leather lining, single zip pocket at interior wall and pull-through closure at top. Includes dust bag. Shop Céline new and pre-owned handbags at The RealReal.

5. Hermès Birkin 35 Replica Handbag

Noir Togo leather Hermès Birkin 35 with gold-plated hardware, dual rolled top handles, tonal Chevre leather lining, single zip pocket at interior wall and turn-lock closure at front flap. Blind stamped Square G from 2003. Includes dust bag, rain jacket, clochette, lock and keys. Shop Hermès new and pre-owned handbags at The RealReal.

Tips about How To Spot If A Designer Bag Is Fake

Have you accidentally picked up a fake Michael Kors handbag? Is that Chanel 2.55 the real deal? We consult the experts…

chanel 2.55

Obviously, if you want the care and customer service – not to mention shiny clean dust-bag and calligraphy adorned warranty – that one would expect when dropping a couple of grand on a handbag, then you really need to head straight to the mothership and buy new from a brand’s own store.

However, with price tags stretching up into the tens of thousands, it can be very, very tempting to buy second hand or at a concession price from an online retailer.

And while fashion rewards the thrifty, you don’t want to risk parting with a lot of money on a designer bag which turns out to be a fake.

We spoke to Sophie Hersan, Co-Founder and Product Director of Vestiaire Collective, an e-commerce site which specialises in the resale of designer items.

She gave us some super handy tips to use when rooting around for second hand designer replica handbags, be that online, at a thrift store or otherwise.
how to spot fake chanel bags
1) Can you tell the real deal by the weight of the product?

Yes, especially in jewellery and bag categories. Counterfeit products tend to be made of substitute fabrics, which are lighter than leather or precious metals. Most hardware will be made of metals like brass and gold, which won’t tarnish over a period of time. These metals will be heavier and shouldn’t show any imperfections.

Some counterfeits are becoming more and more sophisticated, though, and even use real materials such as gold and diamonds, so weight is not the only thing you should be looking out for.

But each brand will have a standard weight class or or average weight for each product – our teams are highly trained and know the weight standards of a brand.
2) What can the stitching tell you about your handbag?

Its really important to study the stitching.

Uneven or slanted stitching is a sign of a poorly made item and potentially a counterfeit.

Brands have their own stitching codes, which are a key indicator of authenticity and permit knowledgeable companies like ours to authenticate products.

For example, for Hermès, the famous stitches are ‘piqures sellier’, handmade by craftsman.
how to spot hermes fake bags

It’s intricate hand work, so we can find imperfections on the stitches. We are able to recognise some handmade irregularities, compared to a machine’s work.

It is worth noting that counterfeiters do know how to copy the ‘piqures sellier,’ but not as well as an Hermès artisan.
3) What about if you don’t know anything about stitching? Are there other ways to spot a fake immediately?

Yes, the logo is often a slip up area for copies, every brand includes unique details to ensure they can identify a genuine piece.
Street style details: yves saint laurent cross body bag in gold with tassle

how to spot fake ysl bags


The two main criteria you should look at are material quality and finishing.

For example if the material is supposed to be leather (though remember, not all real designer handbags are fully leather), it should smell and feel like leather – it should be supple, consistent in colour, shouldn’t be sticky, or have a plasticky smell unless you’re looking at something patent.

You can tell if something has been surface dyed, versus fully aniline-dyed by looking carefully at the stitching – if you can see inside a needle hole that the leather is a different colour on the inside, as opposed to the outside colour of the bag, then it’s likely that your product has only been surface dyed.

In terms of linings, some bags are lined with a different fabric on the inside and some are not, but it is very unlikely that a genuine designer handbag would use a cheap fabric in its lining.

A quality bag is more likely to have a lining made of good canvas, cross-grain leather or microfiber suede, for example. You should also look for the lining to be well integrated with the bag, with no loose threads.
4) What if the fake is really convincing?

There are companies that offer to help you authenticate a bag you have already bought. Some of them claim to be able to authenticate your bag from a photograph that you send them.

Authentication by picture is very complicated, though, and we would always advise you to go to a trusted source. At Vestiaire Collective there are two steps to the authentication process: curation and physical authentication.

hermes kelly bags

Our curation team have great knowledge on luxury products and how to spot a fake, they are trained by our internal experts. We are trained to know how to detect things like fake warranties, invoices, certificates and packaging.

The physical verification part of the process is really essential, our team is composed of experts who come from a luxury fashion background and auction houses with detailed training, in both contemporary and vintage collections, with specialised leather goods, jewellery, watches, clothes and accessories. The authentication team check every item sold with a meticulous expertise because it ‘s important to touch the quality, smell the leather, verify the engravings and stitches.